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The Glorified Names of Allah (s.w.t) - Benammi Voice Only (No Music)

InshaAllah when I get kids, gonna put them to sleep while listening to this…. Transport the thoughts to another world… :)

O People who take pleasure in a life that’ll vanish, falling in love with a fading shadow is sheer folly

Ibn Qayyim

Innil Tiya ree Hassaba Youmun Ilaa Ardil Haram,Balligh Salaami Roudatun Feehannabiyul Mohtaram

O Winds! If someday you pass by the sacred land, Do give my greetings (salaam) at the Blessed Grave where the most exalted Prophet rests

Taqwa means that one has the urge to disobey and one prevents oneself from doing so.

Hazrat Maulana Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar sab (R.A)

Anonymous asked:

I don't think so anon, I personally take a little from all the mathhabs. As al deen yusr walaysa usur [the deen is ease and not hardship]. So I'm guessing as we are provided with many mathahibs then we are to chose what works best for us, no? Again that's just me.


No, you’re very incorrect there.
What you have to understand is that each madhab has a different set methodology of how they derived the rulings and opinions that they have, this is a rigorously scientific process. If you then come along picking and choosing between them there are now contradictions in your methodology due to a lack of consistency in the process and thus the end result is not scientific and rigorous. In many cases, choosing bits and pieces from each madhab results in talfiq, this is an amalgam of positions that renders an entire action impermissible by all madhabs and is a very dangerous position to be in.

Allow me to highlight a few more fallacies in your line of thought, how can you possibly choose different opinions across the four madhabs? Within each madhab on a single issue you will find sometimes up to five different positions, before one can even think of looking at the other schools they have to have knowledge of the proofs for each of these different positions in the one school in order to determine which one is the strongest of all and this requires a great level of expertise and mastery in a minimum of 10 Islamic disciplines from Arabic grammar and syntax all the way down to the biographical entries of narrators in chains of hadith. That’s just for one madhab and you haven’t even looked at the differences with each of the other three.

The Imams who were capable of choosing different opinions by themselves within a madhab were known as mujtahid fi’l madhab (jurist in the school) and those who could choose opinions across all four madhabs were known as mujtahid mutlaq (absolute jurist). Nobody today even qualifies for the rank of mujtahid fi’l madhab, hence why I find it strange that people are choosing here and there from each madhab where they feel like it. As for the statement “the deen is ease” then im afraid that’s misplaced, it does not mean one takes dispensations from different schools for the sake of ease because that is following your desire and Imam Nawawi for example has given this as a reason as to why someone who is not a mujtahid must adhere to one madhab (I have given more quotes on a similar post on my blog). The meaning of “the deen is ease” is that it is the middle of two extremes and we do not exert ourselves excessively, it cannot be used in this context. There are certain times where one can leave the madhab and adopt another position as a dispensation (ruqsa) but this is done under the instruction of a highly trained scholar not on your own. I hope this clarifies it for you bi’idhnillah.



There’s some young people in our communities with misplaced sincerity that want stand up for the deen and do something for the sake of Islam.

You want to fight and “do something for the deen”?

1. Start with fighting the monster men among us that beat their wives and children and terrorize their families. 
2. Fight to shut down Muslim owned liquor stores in inner cities that are destroying entire communities.
3. Fight to develop effective ways to save Muslim youth from clubbing and living the ‪#‎yolo‬ life
4. Learn the deen under scholars who are living and breathing the Oral Tradition of knowledge so you can wage intellectual jihad against attacks of the new age liberals and their ilk.
5. Fight to end racism, nationalism and classicism in our masjids and communities.
6. Go visit the prisons and teach eager and sincere new Muslims who are looking for people to teach them how to pray, make wudu, etc.

There’s literally hundreds of things that you can do that would be of more benefit to this ummah than you wanting to join groups that are anything but Islamic.


-Via Kamran Riaz